Literacy Integrations

Drawing Class Literacy Integration:

image (3)

MIND MAP: This was a concept word map we developed to use in class on the first day to establish a classroom culture, pre-assess students on what they wanted to do over the year, begin brainstorming for later projects in the unit and learn more about students.

TED TALKS: This was a concept developed for a Fun Friday lesson plan. Students were asked to think about the artist posed a narrative and how the public space and audience changed the story of each artwork’s narrative. Further, they were asked to write their own ending statements to finish the statement she poses, Before I Die.


TEXT CONNECTIONS: As  class we read an excerpt from The Office writer, Mindy Kahling. She narrated a story of when she was in middle school and felt that she had multiple personalities while experiencing different friend groups. We discussed how it connected to our project of identity.

Sculpture Class Literacy Integration:

Throughout this lesson, we had multiple literacy integration including talking, presenting, and writing about art, altered books and slam poetry.

mad libs

MAD LIBS: This was a writing activity that allowed students began to get to know each other at the beginning of the term and an introduction to topic of How To.

SLAM POETRY: I used Slam Poetry to connect the creative process of writer and artists. We also compared the idea of “going against the grain” such as in creating slam poetry and altered books.


FOUND POETRY: We created found poems from words in our altered books.