Student Teaching Overview

Introduction to Grant Ranch!


For my semester of student teaching, I was in Julia Brown DeThomas’ K-8 art class at Grant Ranch in Denver Public Schools. We had 2 periods of middle school electives in the morning and 3 rotating periods of elementary classes in the afternoon along with Kindergartners. I taught every grade at some point over my course of the semester (3 terms). The first term, I had a combination of one middle, and Kindergarten as well as planning some of the lessons of the other grades. The second term I taught K-5 and the third term I taught all middle electives and the Early Childhood students.

School Demographics: Grant Ranch is A K-8 school (with located in Denver Public Schools close to the Littleton area. They have about 700 students and a staff of around 40. The school is broken up with downstairs primarily for the Primary grades and the upstairs for the secondary students. They also have an Early Childhood Education center for the younger students for before they enter Kindergarten. The student to teacher ratio is generally 20 to 1 teachers. On the TCAP Assessment the school tests with 60.2% Proficeint and Advanced, 48.9% Proficient, 30.2% Partially Proficient, 11.2% Advanced and 9.5% Unsatisfactory. About 48.1% of the student population is Hispanic. The percentage of teachers with a bachelor degree is 33.3% of the staff at Grant Ranch.

School Culture: One of the main things I have noticed at Grant Ranch is that being a K-8 school, the teachers really know the students–their hobbies, their families, their strengths and their weakness. Especially from the view of the Specials, teachers are constantly adjusting and readjusting their schedules to make the K through 8 schedule work. Further, the school transparently recognizes the areas that they have strengths (community, relationships and curriculum) and the areas where they have weaknesses (test scores, teacher/administrative relationships, attendance). They continue to work on improving their need for higher test scores

Mission Statement: Grant Ranch ECE-8 provides students with a quality education that develops academic skills, social skills, and the character necessary to become lifelong learners and contribute to society as a whole.

School Goals:

To steadily improve the student achievement as measured by Benchmark scores and CSAP as results for all grade levels

To narrow the gap between performance levels of all students

To involve every parent in all school related acitvities that supports their child

To successfully implement the Collaborative Decision making process

To achieve 97% Average Daily Attendance

To identify and nurture potential at risk students

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